Fringe Locations

‘The Hulk’ (Objar Trail Derelict)
This centuries-old Lucrehulk bulk cruiser was seemingly left adrift and abandoned in a remote part of the Grohl sector, eventually reclaimed as a deep space way station. At some point the vessel had been stripped of many essential parts, particularly its hyperdrive, reactors and any weapon system. It has since been refitted with numerous smaller power systems and a spiderweb of external docking and refueling facilities. Private ownership has recently changed hands, though this position traditionally holds limited de jure power beyond running the traffic control bridge and colecting docking fees.

Wounded Titan Shadowport
A rogue planet, drifting through deep space between star systems in the Tolonda region, its coordinates are only traded to trusted black market contacts. Wounded Titan bears no natural light, atmosphere, or temperature separate from the cold of space. The only terrain are lakes of liquid oxygen and hills of blue snow.  The shadowport is dotted with a number of lit landing fields and habitat spheres, and nearly every criminal organization in the Rim has some degree of presence or operation there.

Nal Nanki
Large moon of the 5th planet in the Laa’chuo system. Its arid and rocky landscape is known to contain natural compounds useful in the manufacture of electronics. The planet is host to a population of Devaronian nomads whose backwater clans are in borderline hostility with outsiders, tempered only by interests in trading for blasters and other high-tech goods. Previous attempts to establish large-scale mining operations on Nal Nanki have failed. The remaining settlements are still occasionally attacked by nomadic raiders on hover bikes. 

Scrap City, Hyberland
Many centuries ago, this lush world was the site of a Republic military facility and a major battle. All that remained were the ruined installations and derelict war machines overtaken by the jungle. A major salvage operation has since sprung up over those ruins, centered around Scrap City and its various trade posts and junk shops. A minority population of Lanniks exist as a subservient ‘unmentionable’ class of laborers, though rumors persists of independent Lannik settlements on the frigid southern continent.

Fringe Locations

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