Battlegroup Resources

Resources and assets of the New Republic 14th Battlegroup and Oversector Tolonda armed forces

Skyloft Base (Khaja Prime)
-Remote arid planet located in the Sevetta Sector
-Built into canyon walls in arid desert region away from local feudal population
-Houses several New Republic Army companies and squads of SpecForce agents
-Base is general purpose with medical facilities, recovery suites, and training facilities
-Hangars for shuttles, medium freighters and a couple scout ships

Kilo Base (Quendrix III)
-Lifeless system in the Hunnovers sector
-Derelict cruiser in abandoned orbital shipyard 
-Ship repair and refueling facilities, with cargo handling and supply storage throughout the 
-Ancient Republic cruiser over 1000 years old, no functional reactors/engines
-Shipyard abandoned during the Republic Dark Age in the New Sith Wars
-Transient population of scavengers; mostly Squibs & some Ugor activity

Flare Base (Abandonded) (Korseg IV, Grohl sector)

Privateer ships
-(Acclamator-class modified transport)
-(Gonzati light cruiser)

New Republic member worlds:
-Arkanis sector (currently under siege/blockade)
 (Primarily includes the Regency worlds, Tatooine, Vasch)

-Tammuz-an (financial backing)
-Excarga (ore processing)
-Partold (Alien homeworld)
-Detanna (Low-tech alien homeworld)
-Ogesh (Military supply manufacturer)
New Republic sympathizers:
-Nishr (Near-human Nish)
-Rannon (agrarian settlement)
-Dagu (Rybet colony)
-Krynolt (light industry, chromium automata serve as monarchy enforcement)
-Sevetta (toxic world, home of the Polydroxol shapeshifters)
-Hypori (abandoned droid factories)
-Koiogra (renowned for its skilled pilots)
-(Old colony world)

Battlegroup Resources

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