STAR WARS Age of Rebellion: Oversector Tolonda

Set a month after the Battle of Endor, this campaign focuses on the operations of the New Republic within the Outer Rim region known as Oversector Tolonda. This remote backwater stretches from the end of the Corellian Run to southern borders of Hutt Space and falls under jurisdiction of Imperial Grand Moff Velocq.  The New Republic's 14th Battlegroup is tasked with destabilizing the Empire's control in this region and building up their own forces for the inevitable push towards Imperial strongholds towards the Core Worlds.


Unlike the standard party-focused campaign, this will be divided into two alternating phases of play: the Command phase and the Mission phase.  In the Command phase, players will play the roles of high-ranked New Republic officers and top-level agents in the 14th Battlegroup. Current state of affairs in the Oversector will be reviewed and Republic resources allocated to accomplish minor objectives (scout, recruit, sow dissent, acquire key resources, etc) or protect the fleet/allied worlds from Imperial attack.

The Game Master will also play one or more of these roles (typically Fleet Admiral Mollo) in order to moderate and present new mission proposals. Necessary intel will be provided by the GM for the players to discuss, ask additional questions for clarification, and devise the New Republic's plan for accomplishing the mission's objectives. This includes what ships, equipment, and player characters to deploy. These missions will become the traditional Age of Rebellion play sessions during the Mission phase. The Mission phase will then be played out using the previously-selected PCs and ran by the GM who proposed the mission. The results of the mission will then be factored into available resources and mission proposals in the following Command phase.

Age of Rebellion: Oversector Tolonda

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