Sectors and Systems

Oversector Tolonda: Sectors and Systems

Originally formed during the Clone Wars as the "Red Tails" Republic Grand Army's theater of operation, when the Empire designated Oversectors as a permanent structure of military governance it assigned Tolonda Sector Governor Ravik as its commander and Grand Moff. Many of the region's systems consist of frontier settlements, old independent colonies, and remote alien homeworlds, none of which took kindly to the governor's corrupt regime and endless anti-separatist campaigns.  The Rebellion has always been prevalent in this Oversector. 

With Grand Moff Ravik's mysterious death just a few years before the Battle of Endor he was succeeded by Grand Moff Velocq. Though Velocq holds more favor with his Imperial comrades, dissent among citizens of this region remains high.



Tolonda (Imperial Governor: Grand Moff Velocq)
-Seat of Velocq's powerbase and thus the entire Oversector

- Contains the worlds Tamra, Branteez, and Ragmar V


Savareen (Imperial Governor: Moff Selyana)
-Major warzone during the Clone Wars, this sector's Imperial military presence surpasses the Grand Moff's own sector.

-Contains the worlds Rodia and Christophsis.


Arkanis (New Republic Senator: Rana, Duchess of Issor)
-With assistance from the New Republic, the Arkanis Regency has recently overthrown the Empire, commandeering and destroying most of its naval forces and capturing Moff Julstan. Its rebel forces are now locked into a heated hit-and-run campaign with the remaining Imperial presence.

-Contains the worlds of Arkanis, Tatooine, Geonosis, Issor, Pii, and Vasch


-Contains the worlds Pelgrin and Rordak


Bitrose (Imperial Governor: Moff Bas Ingalto)
-Contains the world Stoga.


Gaulus (Imperial Governor: Zimun)
-Contains the world Ryloth, Wrea, and the Smuggler's Run system.


Dalchon  (Imperial Governor: Moff Murquan)
-Originally represented in the Senate by Pacithhip Senator Dolla Qwok, the capitol has been moved to the Imperial garrison in Dalchon and the Pacithhip's homeworld of Shimia is now under oppressive sanctions. Senator Qwok, wanted for conspiracy against the Emperor, remains at large.

-Contains the worlds Dalchon, Shimia, Yorudria, Travik's World, Orvax IV, Nizza III, and Lorn.


Galov (Imperial Governor: Moff Jellrek)
-A remote and sparsely-populated sector near Hutt Space. Its governor, Moff Antoll Jellrek, is reported to have been recently injured in an assassination attempt.  He has not been seen publicaly since.

-Contains the worlds Gamorr and Romar


Tammuz (Imperial Governor: Moff Hestrad)
-Contains the worlds Tammuz-an, Deralia, and Chuzalla.


Quiberon (Imperial Governor: Moff Fithalis)
-Originally part of Wild Space, this region was established as the Quiberon Sector just after the formation of the Empire.

-Contains the world Rothana


Sevetta (Imperial Governor: Moff Novus)
-Contains the worlds Excarga, Sevetta, and Kowak.


-Contains the world Herios IV


Grohl (Imperial Governor: Moff Callieur)
-The Grohl sector has had several open rebellions during the Galactic Civil War and has seen battles almost constantly since the Clone Wars began.

-Contains the worlds Koiogra, Korseg IV, and Taikan.


-Contains the world Hypori.


-Contains the world Rannon and Dagu.


-Contains the worlds Nishr.

Sectors and Systems

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