Mission Profiles

Proposed missions

-These are missions that have been presented to the New Republic 14th Battlegroup Command and being considered for outlining.

-Recruit mercenary crew to recover (Classified) from planet under revolt
-Arrange meeting between infamous gambler Tiito and Imperial Moff on Sleheyron
-Investigate rivalry between Moffs Zimon and Bas Ingalto
-Establish new Republic operations base in Oversector
-Develop rumor: Grand Moff ceding Oversector to Hutts
-Infiltrate Incom laboratory on Fresia and recover T-61 fighter plans 


Mission types

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-These are not specific to missions under current consideration but follow the format of typical New Republic missions and objectives.

-Identify new/hidden hyperspace routes for Republic forces to navigate around Imperial activity zones
-Transport Sector Forces to Imperial-controlled systems
-Divert Imperial forces away from Arkanis sector
-Deliver vital data to Rebel operatives/bases under siege
-Steal data from Army outposts
-Attack Naval supply ships
-Gain control of galactic Holonet transceivers and broadcasts
-Capture Imperial scout ships
-Negotiate with surviving Separatist cells
-Boost defenses on New Republic member worlds
-Help establish new resistance cells on Imperial worlds
-Rescue abandoned spy/operative
-Follow leads on surviving Jedi
-Recruit privateers/mercenaries
-Form smuggling network
-Requisition starfighters
-Scout potential safe worlds
-Convince Imperial Moff/Governors to defect
-Incite rebellions on sympathetic worlds
-Incite secession of Imperial worlds/sector
-Destroy Imperial listening posts

Mission Profiles

Age of Rebellion: Oversector Tolonda Utsanomiko