Imperial Adversaries

Imperial Adversaries

Grand Moff Velocq – Oversector Govenor
Birthdate: 16 BrS
Homeworld: Humbarine
-Successor to the presumed-dead Grand Moff Ravik, Velocq was a Clone Wars veteran, having served as a Captain in the Republic Navy. Outgoing and gregarious with a penchant for parades and ceremony, but a long-standing notoriety for paranoia. Though Velocq governs both the Tolonda sector and the Oversector it resides in, he delegates much of his own sector's management to aides and bureaucrats. Instead the Grand Moff personally directs his sector fleet operations, maintaining his flag aboard the super Star Destroyer Victorious.<meta />


Fleet Admiral Magnus Greel - Naval commander, Priority Fleet Red Tail
-Upon the Emperor's Declaration of a New Order, Captain Greel was reinstated to the Imperial Navy, having previously been discharged by the Republic for conducting brutal bombardments of Seperatist planets. As commander of the Oversector largest single fleet he is known for holding his forces back until striking with unrelenting superior force.


Commodore Emila Juro – Acting Naval commander, Expeditionary Fleet Conqueror
Birthdate: 4 GrS
    -Reports indicate that Imperial fleet Conqueror has returned from its extended mission in Wild Space, confirmed sightings of the six Star Destroyer fleet in the remote reaches of the Instrop sector. Intercepted Imperial transmissions have established the fleet's commanding officer, Admiral Izan Juro has been inexplicably relieved of command with his daughter, Commodore Emila Juro, taking command.


Captain Petrus - Naval Commander, Tyrant Squadron


Moff Jellrek – Imperial Governor, Galov sector
-Severely injured in a recent assassination attempt, current status unknown. Described as ruthless, corrupt and brutal. Known to have dealings in the space trade and slavery, regularly accepts bribes and relies on various forms of torture.

Moff Zimon - Imperial Governor, Gaulus sector
Birthdate: 28 BrS
-Perviously served as Army officer in command of Gaulus sector supply/ordinance. Was given the title of Moff upon death of his superior, Moff Delian Mors in 31GrS. Zimon and the current governor of Ryloth have since been exploiting its inhabitants and promoting the slave trade.

Moff Bas Ingalto - Imperial Governor, Bitrose sector 
Birthdate:  11 BrS
Homeworld: Ryloth
-Previous Imperial Governor of Ryloth, When Bitrose sector's Moff was given an early retirement in 31GrS the title was then granted to Bas Ingalto.

Moff Callieur - Imperial Governor, Grohl sector
Birthdate: 6 GrS
Homeworld: Taikan
-Of the noble house Callieur. Owns multiple planets and estates across the galaxy. Spends a great amount of time and money on furnishing his holdings and obtaining rare luxury items. Described in person as reclusive and aloof.

Imperial Adversaries

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