Galactic Events

Current events in the Galaxy

(Calendar date: GrS 39:4)

-The Alliance to Restore the Republic has declared itself the New Republic. As interim Chancellor, Mon Mothma has announced the first session of the New Republic Senate will be held on the recently-liberated Core world of Chandrilla.

-Thousands of worlds are in open rebellion. Hundreds of planets and several sectors have either overthrown their Imperial oppressors or established New Republic Membership.  These include long-time allies of Mon Cal Space and Bothan Space, the entireties of the Arkanis, Eldrood, Saijo, and Moddell sectors, And planets such as Kashyyyk, Naboo, Sullust, and Kalabra.

-Meanwhile, Imperial systems are rapidly seceding. Planetary Governors and Moffs are declaring themselves neutral and isolating from the rest of the Empire. Much of the Outer Rim in the galactic north has deteriorated into several 'petty space kingdoms' are forming under warlords with dreams of forming their own Empires. The New Republic Navy expects to be fielding defected Imperial ships at war zones in the near future.

-The Empire continues nominal control of the Core worlds and Inner Rim from Coruscant, maintaining that Emperor Palpatine is alive and suggesting otherwise is Rebel propaganda and thus punishable as treason. Behind the scenes, the Imperial Ruling Council (led by Grand Vizier Mas Amedda) manages state affairs.


Imperial Splinter Factions

Zsinj's Empire

-Although maintaining a front of loyalty to orders coming from Coruscant, Grand Moff Zsinj has been operating as of late as a rogue empire. His influence has expanded beyond Oversector Queli as his fleets have threatened and incorporated neighboring sectors under his own control. This Empire of Zsinj has been a major focus of New Republic's campaign to destabilize the Empire in the Outer Rim, with Fleet Admiral Gial Ackbar's forces actively pursuing his forces.


Greater Maldrood

-High Admiral Teradoc of the Maldrood Oversector has placed Grand Moff Selit under house arrest and stylized himself as 'warlord of the Greater Maldrood'. This rogue empire covers the Mid Rim north of Hutt Space and has claimed territory that puts it in regular open conflict with Grand Moff Zsinj. Teradoc himself patrols the Perlemian Trade Route from Lantilles to Columex aboard his Priority fleet Crimson Command.


Pentastar Alignment

-Grand Moff Ardus Kaine has consolidated his control of Oversector Outer into the northern New Territories region, alongside alliances with local guilds and corporate conglomerates, to form the Pentastar Alignment. So far Kaine's stellar alliance has operated with an isolationist position. Although his military strength is substantial and was used to aggressively negotiate the Alignment in the first place, the New Republic has largely ignored this faction to focus its campaigns elsewhere.


Eriadu Authority

-This splinter faction is based around the Seswenna Sector and its capital of Eriadu. Its leader Superior General Delvardus has recently expanded coreward to the Yag'Dhul system, a junction point on the Rimma Trade Route. Most of its military resources appear focused now upon establishing a blockade of the Sullust system. 


Lambda Sector

-One of the first sectors to openly declare independence from the Empire as an isolated Imperial zone, Moff Lankin has maintained control from his fortress world of Rintonne.

Galactic Events

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